This is just some food for thought: On the site they have just started the access Norton store. This was discussed as a place for people making parts or packaging parts for improvements to sell. Not much is listed yet as it has just opened, but if you go into the norton commando section, on the second page is a thread called Parts and Services. In the first post, it can be seen that he is going to talk to Jerry Doe about listing. Other discussions about the store are intertwined it other threads and not in the title. In the site click the white forum letters on top of the home page. The first section is Sponsors Forum. This is where sponsors post their sales, new item and etc. for sale. Small start ups such as Anderson Cyclery use this as well as established companies. As to the question of discussing sponsors/sellers, if you scroll down to the British Motorcycles In General section of the same forum, a current discussion is going on about one of the sponsors. It is Mapcycle, buyer beware. www.inoalist@yahoo have it worked out that if a question such as " I need the exhaust port threads repaired" others can post who they used and if they were happy them, but anyone wanting to do the work had to send an email to the poster saying they did the work. No "self promoting" on the list is what you would call it I guess. As I said just somethings to look at as it's decided if and how to have vendors. frank