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Thread: Carbone Lorraine pads for 2010 r1200rt

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    Carbone Lorraine pads for 2010 r1200rt

    Has anyone used Carbone Lorraine brake pads on a 2010 r1200rt. Beemerboneyard lists them but not for the 2010. I looked up the BMW part numbers and they list the same numbers for all years. Thanks in advance.

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    Yes! Love them. So much, that I also put them on our Audi's.
    When I first put them on, the brakes were about 2/3 what I was used to. It took about 300 miles before they seated in, but once they do you
    will be impressed!

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    I put them on my 2010 RT purchased from the
    Boneyard they work good and fit fine, but are noisy
    I've used them for just under 10 k miles and I don't see
    Any excessive wear on the rotors and there still noisy.


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    I can't speak to the RT, but I did try them on my R, and wasn't quite happy with the feel.. the seemed grabby to me. I went to EBC HH pads all the way around and it feels just like stock, but with a bit more powerful initial bite. The HH pads may cause more rotor wear, but I suspect my rear rotor is almost due anyway (with always using stock pads for 62k miles) - the front rotors seem fine.
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    I use the C-L pads all around on the RT with good results. Stopped the K75 well also. No noise issues for me. They do make the wheels a bit dirty though. Notice the taper grind on the rears...
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