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Thread: Shop creeper

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    Shop creeper

    Would be nice to have.
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    That is pretty cool... Didn't look for cost

    We called them Sleepers in Auto Mechanics class in teacher came by and rolled you out if you did not answer him
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    Cool! But if you pull the wrong lever at the wrong time you could get a face full of muffler or whack your head on something hard.

    For general m-c work a normal lift probably works better. But for auto work this thing might be better. Always good to see some creative thinking, too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post
    That is pretty cool... Didn't look for cost
    I saw this creeper on The Invention USA show on the History Channel a couple weeks ago and a company agreed to look into producing it. Seems like they were thinking of a cost around $1,000.
    Probably not for sale this soon, unless the show I was watching was a year old or so.
    Here's a short segment of the show. It's after the ad.
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