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Thread: 2013 First Ride

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    2013 First Ride

    Hello Everyone,

    Today here in PA we were blessed with 38.8 deg f. in the Poconos.. Good enough to get out and enjoy first ride in 2013.

    How Bout you.. Get out for a ride Yet? I forgot my Phone.. So no Pics... But was really nice ride on 873 south.. then back through Lehigh... 209.. 115.. All good felt great to be out, saw one other bime and a trike....

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    Bah humbug! It was not riding weather in SE Michigan today. Gray, overcast and alternating between flurries and a light, misting rain, with the temps around 33F. But this week looks more promising as we should get warmer weather and some rain to wash away the salt on the roads.

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    Good for you!
    I, OTOH, sat on my duff, cooked brunch, and took down the Christmas decorations...
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    It would have been a good riding day here in north central Vermont: 24F, flurries, but the roads clear. But last week all the snow fell off the roof of my shop, got soaked in afternoon drizzle, then froze overnight at minus 18F. I have two bikes ready to go...with shop doors blocked by four feet of solid ice.
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    2013 First Ride

    I was going to complain about the morning drizzle, but at 50 degrees, I will be thankful.
    Got all 3 bikes out for a spin today.
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    Nice Sunday ride in Kansas

    My first ride of the year this past Sunday 1/6/13. Temp slightly over 34 degree. Got in over 100 miles of riding around Lake Perry and E. KS.

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    We have a challenge going with our local sportbike club to ride a minumum of 50 miles per week year round. Now I know this doesn't sound like much to BMW enthusiast, but it's kind of fun to keep track of the weekly miles. I have ridden at least half the days of the year so far. Monday was tough.....20 degrees out when I left for work at 6am.

    But as we all know, cold time on a bike is still better than a warm ride in a car!

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    Got my first ride in last week with temp about 38 degrees. Put on the electric underwear and had a blast riding around. Went to meet the breakfast group, and the first question was "Are you out of your ******* mind ? " Yep !
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    My first ride of the year was 1/5 which was a rain date for the Polar Bear ride with my church group. We didn't ride very far (maybe 50 miles total) so I went out for a ride up to Caesar's Head on 1/6. Unfortunately the road surface on the SC side of the mountain is getting worse and isn't as fun as it used to be but I'm not going to complain too much about twisties that close.

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    Took a nice 100+ mile ride today. It was pleasant but got a little warm later in the day with the jacket liner in...71F here today. Supposed to get cold (high in the 50's) for the next several days, tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradoclc View Post
    My first ride of the year this past Sunday 1/6/13. Temp slightly over 34 degree. Got in over 100 miles of riding around Lake Perry and E. KS.
    You are almost a neighbor! Way to go.

    I, too, have been riding regularly since about the 4th or 5th of January, after all the snow and ice melted off the roads. Got a couple hundred miles in the new year so far. I love the warm temps.
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    All roads snowpacked and icy. Morning temps way below zero, daytime highs had been in the single digits for weeks, but jumped to 18 yesterday. 10 to 20 more inches coming over the weekend. GS is solidly in hibernation. Have fun everyone, see you in the Spring.

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    My first ride of the year was Tuesday 8 Jan 26 Degrees on the ride to work
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    It's not the cold here in East Central Wisconsin that keeps my bike in the's all the salt and sand on the roads. A few hours of riding are not worth the corrosion damage.
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    2013 First Ride

    Quote Originally Posted by redcat43 View Post's all the salt and sand on the roads. A few hours of riding are not worth the corrosion damage.
    I consider myself lucky that they don't use any chemicals around here on the roads in the winter. No sand either just pea gravel. I tried out my airhead hack rig last Saturday for the first time. It was +9°F when I left but -6°F when I returned home a couple of hours later. Maybe it's time to get the heated grips working again...
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