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Thread: new fleamarket format is exactly as it should be

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    new fleamarket format is exactly as it should be

    I get a sense that there is some controversy over the format of the new fleamarket format.

    I'm gobsmacked. The new format is somewhere between 100,000 and 500,000 times better than the old format.

    I'm a member of a number of automobile forums, and the new fleamarket format is how *all* of them operate their own for sale forums. It just makes sense and frankly I always wondered why the MOA was using the old format which I found clumsy and difficult to navigate.

    So congratulations to the people responsible - and thank you as well. I know firsthand what a thankless job running an enthusiast club and website is, and the courage it takes to keep doing it.

    Keep up the good work.
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    Thanks for the kudos. It does seem to be getting some good attention, though there are some detractors. I think it was something Lincoln said about "some of the people"...

    The old FM was that way when I began frequenting the forum. My thought is that having it completely separate like that tends to put some distance between the regular members of the forum and those that want to buy/sell items. Having it that way might provide that degree of separation to drive home that the MOA isn't responsible for transactions made by individual members in the FM. As they say, caveat emptor...
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