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Thread: Wow!! Downhill??

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    Wow!! Downhill??

    Talk about having your knickers on to tight, refering to the previous thread of course. For myself there are a lot of uphills the club has going for it's members: for me the first is the garage and the second would have to be the regional clubs.
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    From looking at his few posts (all were ads) it is clear that he had never been to the forum until the flea market moved to the forum. All his posts were to sell a few airhead parts. That seems to have been his level of interest. So suddenly when his free advertising mode became a little troubled the whole of MOA was just junk.

    But see this posted at 9:00 today:

    There is a whole lot more to MOA than just how many members can we have.
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    I'll refund your membership dues if you PROMISE to go away.

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    Looks like he only has a few months left on his membership, in any event.

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    Wow. I get curmudgeony sometimes... But I shine his shoes...

    I think Paul nailed it...

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