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Thread: Helmet - check in or carry on

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    Helmet - check in or carry on

    I need to fly with the my helmet for the first time next week.

    Has anyone flown recently and been able to take it on as carry on?



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    I carried mine on, no real problems other than after putting the bag through the X-ray they had to rip the bag apart to look at the helmet. When I first packed the bag I stuffed my underwear and socks into the helmet to save space and had the helmet packed into a corner of the bag, after the first security check I made sure the helmet was empty and easy to get out of the bag.
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    Helmet in Carry On

    A few months ago I flew to Dallas to pickup a bike. I packed a 3/4 helmet, gloves, rain gear etc into a smallish carry-on and had no problems. I specifically asked several agents and the unanimous answer was that it is not a problem as long as it fits in the overhead or under the seat.

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    I went to Spain last year to ride and carried on, no problem coming or going. Customs in both countries didn't make a big deal about it.

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    Carried mine in helmet bag 10 times last year. 2 international and 8 in USA. No one gave it a second glance.
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    Last year, I flew with my helmet for 31 round-trips (60+ times through security). I ride my motorcycle to the airport, cover my bike, place my helmet in the felt bag it came in, and secure the chin-strap through a loop at the top of my backpack. No problems with security, ever. However, I have stopped wearing armored pants of any kind through security because that almost always means I will be pulled aside for additional screening. Backpack and helmet, secured together, makes one carry-on and will go in the overhead. The helmet, at least my XL full face helmet, will not fit in the overhead if it is in a real helmet bag. Just use the light one it was sold in.

    If for some reason there is no room in the overhead, and they are going to have to check your pack, or if it is a small commuter plane and the helmet and bag won't fit, send the bag below but keep your helmet with you and under the seat in front of you. You do not want your helmet crushed in the bin below.
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    Just wear it and tell them you're a nervous flyer.
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    flown with a helmet 4 or 5 times now. Carry on is good to go. Wouldn't trust it in checked baggage personally.

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    Do you really want them throwing your helmet around like luggage? Carry on is the only way to go.

    When I was medic, I used to carry my bike helmet in the same sort of bag as the Medivac pilots used for their helmets.
    Worked quite well. Reasonably priced as a surplus item.
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    Obviously some of you haven't met "the lady from Delta with the red scarf!" as she will try to count your neck pillow as one carry on item and then it goes downhill further from there... with SW Airlines, I've not had a helmet carry on issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ianwalberg View Post
    I need to fly with the my helmet for the first time next week.

    Has anyone flown recently and been able to take it on as carry on?
    Every summer overseas for the past 18 years, soon to be 19.

    I never check any of my riding gear. If they lose that, I am effed. My riding suit, kidney belt, gloves and digital camera go into a soft backpack and my helmet goes into a helmet bag.

    I've only been hassled once about only one carry-on allowed. Helmets do not count.

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    If you think carrying a helmet raises eyebrows at the checkpoints, try carrying scuba regulators with an attached dive computer
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    Carry it on. You never know what kind of whacks the hemet will receive in baggage.

    I flew out of Newark in August to get to Pandora's in Tennessee to pick up the RT, I put my riding boots standing up straight inside a medium duffel-type bag and sat my 3/4 helmet on top of the standing boots. While in the line where you empty your pockets and remove your shoes and place them in the trays, I suddenly realized I had my Swiss Army knife in my pocket. Not wanting to lose it, I took a chance and slipped it down into one of the boots. The duffel went thru the X-ray and out, and no one opened it for a further check. I grabbed the handles and went on my way toward the gate. Not surprisingly, very soon after my trip they fired 24 or so TSA people from Newark. I wondered why?......NOT!
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    I've carried mine on in an aftermarket helmet bag with no problems whatsoever. I usually stuff my gloves and a few extra items in it. I have had some problems getting my Nolan modular into some overhead bins on smaller communter aircraft. But it always fits under the seat in front of me.

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