Hi everyone,

I just joined BMW MOA this evening after owning a 2006 F650GS for about a month. I wasn't even looking at BMW motorcycles when I was in the market; I wanted an adventure bike for it's upright sitting position to be honest. When my bike showed up on CL for sale it was such a great deal I jumped on it. I'm ecstatic that I am now a BMW motorcycle owner! I love the bike, the ecosystem behind the brand and especially the adventuring touring aspects. This is my first bike and I don't think I could have picked a better match for me if I had tried! Thankfully I didn't because I would still be obsessing over the decision instead of riding.

I'm looking forward to learning even more about the BMW motorcycling community. Thanks in advance for any welcomes & well-wishes. Looking forward to many years of freedom and making friends on the road!

Matt Moore
Oceanside, CA