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Thread: New Ohio (Canton) member

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    New Ohio (Canton) member

    My name is Jim,

    I used to own a 1968 R50/2 years ago, and rebuilt it completely - not to pristine original condition, but in A-1 mechanical and running condition. Just didn't have enough power.

    I had also purchased a 1975 R90/6 and it was great. I rebuilt the upper end, with rings. and the thing ran great!

    When I had several small children, and when riding it to work everyday, I would have a close call or two each week or so, I decided to sell them both (about 20 years ago). I didn't want the kids to grow up without a Dad.

    Now that my youngest one, a boy, just graduated from college, and the fact that HE just purchased a used K100, I decided to get another /6 or /7 boxer for myself just so I can go riding with him.

    I want to say, that I found back then, and am already seeing it again, that the members of the BMWMOA are among the finest people I know! No hesitation. Nearly everyone I have had contact with has been great.

    The bike I just purchased (but have not even ridden yet), a 1978 R100/7 does have some problems that I want to fix during the winter before spring. I have already had some great advice.

    By the way, all of my kids were very athletic. The last one, mentioned above, got a Div. ! football scholarship that paid his way through college. He actually was contacted by the Jacksonville Jags. but I think he was tired of football, 1 year jr. high, 4 years of High school in a high profile school, and then 5 years of college (he was red shirted 1 year) left him burned out. If you didn't recognize our city, it is Canton, OH - home of NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame. His high school stadium is right next door to the NFL HOF. This is football cityl

    So....hopefully, we will meet many of you in the future!

    Jim C.
    Canton, OH

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    Welcome Jim,
    You are in the Midwest! You will find your answers on this forum. I just picked up my K100 last week and I am happy to be back at riding. Older, smarter, more PPE....
    If you get up to Chicago this summer swing by.

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    Welcome back Jim.
    I graduated from Canton South, used to live in the city and now live in Alliance.
    If I can help let me know.
    Jim McGill
    '87 K100RS
    '04 R1150RT

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    We have a BMWMOA sanctioned club in Akron. The BMW Motorcycle Club of Akron. We meet EVERY Sunday for breakfast 7:30 a.m. at the Farmer Boy restaurant just south of the intersection of Rt224 and 91 in Springfield township (probably 20 min from you) You are most welcome to join us to sniff around and even ask questions to get on with your 1978 100/7. I have a 1978 R100S that I revived from a 14 year hibernation several years ago. There are quite a few guys among us who I would consider airhead experts.
    During the riding season, we have a Sunday ride from there. Right now, we all come by car, of course.

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