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    Karoo 3

    Great article on K60 - TKC 80 tires by Bill Dragoo. Don't know about the TKC -80 s but I have run through a couple of sets of the K-60s .
    Can't wait to try the new Karoo 3 tires .
    They sound like they would be be a perfect match for the riding that I like to do .
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    One of the GS Giants has a set of Karoo 3s on the way from Metzeler for testing, as part of our Adventure Tire Comparo coming in a future issue of BMW Owners News.

    I've ridden several sets of Heidenaus and find that they tend to flat-spot badly over their lives. The latest set that I have on my HP2e now are some K60s, and I'm trying to give them a steady diet of twisties. We'll see how it goes.

    The Heidenaus are also part of the comparo.

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    The rear K60 Heidenau starts with a fairly flat profile and gets worse quickly. The one time I tried it I took it off the bike and threw it away after about 5K miles in spite of lots and lots of tread left. It was near square and I could feel the corners on the tire leaning into turns. I also didn't like the front very much. Just to spite me the front wore, and wore, and wore until I finally said enough and replaced it (with a TKC80) at about 11K miles -- still with lots of tread left.

    No more K60 for me. I would like to try the Karoo 3, though.

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    Ive seen the same squaring off with the Heidenaus I've ridden and seen on other bikes. I saw a bike in Redmond that was so squared off the edges were sharp!

    My HP2e came to me with a Heidenau with a partially worn by a rider who rode almost entirely on-road and straight. It was fairly squared off, but it had so much tread I thought I might be able to round it back out what whomping on it out of corners while heeled over. No such luck... the tires have a very hard compound and getting on the loud handle in such a fashion made for a few lurid slides and subsequent pucker moments.

    I've got another one on now, to give them a fair chance. With a steady diet of twisties, they are maintaining a fairly rounded profile (for them, they're a lot flatter than Metzeler Tourance even when new) but I've only gone about 2500 miles.

    We'll see....


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