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Thread: What motorcycle podcasts do you listen?

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    What motorcycle podcasts do you listen?

    I just came across a new-to-me motorcycle podcast called "Cleveland Moto". I was surprised at how good it was. Mainly dealing with older bikes, retro bikes, cafe style, etc.

    I also listen regularly to The Pace Podcast, Cafe Racer Podcast, Wheelnerds and Side Stand Up.

    Anyone else have any interesting podcasts they listen to?
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    I think I'm the last person on the planet to buy an Ipod. I've only had it a month and had not checked out Podcasts until I saw your post. I could not figure out how to search for motorcycle related Podcasts, but I'll check it out more this weekend.
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    The Wheelnerds

    The Pace

    Cafe Racer

    I tried side stand up but couldn't get into it.

    I also listen to a few car related podcasts mainly one by Adam Carolla calle Carcast.

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    Motorcyclist (the magazine) radio. They record all their shows on podcast on iTunes for free. I set it up to automatically import them all. A good mix of various interests---touring, sport bikes, dirt, vintage, racing and cruisers. If you're like me and enjoy hearing about all things motorcycling, you'll probably like it.

    Quality level pretty high----I'd say 7 out of 10 shows interesting and of the 7, 3 or 4 VERY interesting. Steve Natt does a good job as the host.

    Recommended. Two
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    Side Stand Up. Tom Loudermilk is an RT rider and great guy. Has a lot of informative guests. They took a break for the holidays but start back up tonight.
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    Adventure Rider Radio - Motorcycle Podcast & Radio Show

    Well, I'm biased but I thought I'd throw this in to allow those who haven't heard of Adventure Rider Radio yet.
    Adventure Rider Radio is a adventure motorcycle podcast and radio show available for free from the website, itunes, Sticher and live streaming on Monday evenings 8pm Pacific Time at or on 89.5 FM Campbell River, British Columbia.

    Hope you enjoy!

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    pod cast

    I tune in semi regularly to the pod cast in my head when I'm having a fine time on two wheels. Very few repeat programs, some programing is very unique ! No special equipment required, lifetime guarantee included.

    Ride fast safely

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