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Thread: BMW scooter vs. other large displacement scooters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilly View Post
    Have you tried getting on one yet? I know this has been discussed elsewhere, but they are not the easiest things to get mounted on. At least during the small testride I took i didn't think it was all that easy and others have said the same thing.

    Are you in Taiwan or Texas???
    I am in Taiwan now for the next few years. My riding friend here is about 5'2" tall and his inseam is probably around 25" with just that info I would think the BMW scooter is out of the question.

    I indorse neither the bmw scooter or the burgman but up to this point have heard more good about the burgman. I think that once the bmw scooter owners educate the bmw engineers on the faults and the things that will make it better, then we will have a great bmw scooter.

    I ride a Kymco 180cc RaceKing here in Taiwan daily. I can outrun 99% of the cars from red light to red light; It's fast and can go anywhere on this Island. of course I ride my wife's kymco 110cc sometimes and it will do the same.
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    One week ago I traded my 07 Burgman 650 Executive that I bought new and had put 37K miles on for a new C 650 GT. I only have a bout 450 miles on the GT so I haven't pushed it yet. SO how is the Burgman Ex? It is an incredible machine, deceivingly fast. Comfortable and no problem cruising at 80 mph two up. The electronic CVT is smooth and can be put into a power (sport) mode or simulated manual. Handling is a little clumsy at low speeds and the ECTV tends to "buck" at low speeds, takes some getting used to.

    The storage under the seat is cavernous and well planned out...unfortunate not everything else is.

    The OEM windscreen is inadequate. Way too much buffeting and back pressure. I replaced with a clearview medium with goldwing vent...somewhat better. I'm 5'11" with 30" inseam and was able to flat foot easily. Leg room was pretty good but not great. I needed 1" bar risers and still had a little bit of a reach.

    In all honesty....I loved that scooter! So why did I trade it in at 37K? The ECVT. There have been many CVT primary spline and other failures. At 24K I had the primary clutch bearing go bad. Bearing replacement cost? $3,000. Luckily I was under extended warranty so my cost was $0.

    I performed all scheduled maintenance and at 37K I wasn't trusting the trans any more. Started hearing some whining (bearing) and a few clunks in the final drive. Being out of warranty I made the decision to part with it while I could still get some cash out of it. If the trans went again I would probably part it out. This is why some people consider the 650 and exec as disposable scooters...get enough miles on it and it is not worth repairing.

    I will say that I enjoyed every mile I put on my 07 Ex but I believe I have stepped up with the C 650 GT. Standard CVTs don't scare me. I have rebuilt and modified smaller displacement scooters and I rebuild and modify Vintage Vespas. I am sure that Malossi, DR, and others will begin making aftermarket modification parts available soon.

    This is gonna be fun!

    As far as the Burgman 400s they are great scooters. If you get one just be sure it is post 07. Pre 07 models had incredibly short service intervals for things like valve adjustments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIMINSF View Post
    Pretty cool! Thanks!

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