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Have you tried getting on one yet? I know this has been discussed elsewhere, but they are not the easiest things to get mounted on. At least during the small testride I took i didn't think it was all that easy and others have said the same thing.

Are you in Taiwan or Texas???
I am in Taiwan now for the next few years. My riding friend here is about 5'2" tall and his inseam is probably around 25" ....so with just that info I would think the BMW scooter is out of the question.

I indorse neither the bmw scooter or the burgman but up to this point have heard more good about the burgman. I think that once the bmw scooter owners educate the bmw engineers on the faults and the things that will make it better, then we will have a great bmw scooter.

I ride a Kymco 180cc RaceKing here in Taiwan daily. I can outrun 99% of the cars from red light to red light; It's fast and can go anywhere on this Island. of course I ride my wife's kymco 110cc sometimes and it will do the same.