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Thread: Tourmaster Heated Jacket liner

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    Nick Kennedy
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    Tourmaster Heated Jacket liner

    I see through Dennis Kirk, Tourmaster offers a competitively priced heated jacket liner sold with a controller.
    Any reviews on this product?
    Nick Kennedy

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    The liners themselves are alright but their controllers are total crap.

    I have one of their Synergy garments (The full jacket with collar) and the controller failed after the 3rd use. You can find numerous reviews onling talking about how folks are on their 2nd or 3rd or more controller becuase they keep crapping out.

    I still have mine but had to buy a heat troller and a Warm n Safe device that plugged into the tourmaster's contoller input to hotwire the jacket to use with a heat troller. Kinda ghetto but I already had the jacket it was cheaper than getting rid of the jacket and buying a whole new jacket.

    I'd suggest going with Warm and Safe, Gerbrings, or anyone else but Tourmaster. The liners are alright and hot but their controllers are total junk.

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    I have had tourmaster synergy for three years and have had no troubles at all. We just bought a Synergy 2.0 for my wife and it has a new dual controller that allows for better control of the heat. I see no problem with that brand.
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    I have the full Tourmaster Synergy jacket, pants and insoles. I am on my second year of use with no problems with the controller or gear. The only problem I have is I bought the setup a size smaller than what I wear - this is suggested to get the liner closer to the body for better heat. Worked fine until I developed sandwichitis and had to go to one size larger on the pants!
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    looking for one myself

    I've heard good things about Warm & Safe, while sources are mute on Tourmaster...
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    I been using Tourmaster Jacket since summer of '08. Probably got 40k+ miles on it now with it being turned on.

    The 1st controller bit the dust right away, within the 1st few days of using it. The free replacement been going strong like the jacket has been ever since.

    I tend to always carry the jacket in the saddle bag or use it year round, early morning mountain passes tend to be COLD! I do not even treat it kindly all the time, just roll it up and stuff mode usually when not wearing it.

    I ride with a fairing bike, but usually the controller is on low or medium heat settings down to low to mid 30's. Goes on high when temps hit the 20's. Off above low 50's. Main jacket is a Tourmaster Transition II in expected cold weather or Tourmaster Air Intake 3 for temps above 50 with just the heated jacket as a liner/wind blocker.
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    I have had mine for several years. No problems whatsoever.

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    The Synergy 2.0 jacket uses coax connectors, so you can swap out to someone else's controller if the supplied one fails. I believe Tourmaster is learning from their problematic past. I've had no problems with my 2.0 liner and would recommend it to anyone.

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