You know, everything is going well on a maintenance job you know pretty well, then it happens, a small important part falls and you did not see where!
That was how 2 hours were added to my fuel filter replacement job on my S today. When the tank is off there are a myriad of nooks and crannies the shouldered metal washer for the gas tank mount, with its corresponding rubber washer, could have been swallowed by.

After 20 minutes of searching I had to break out the heavy artillery, my good flashlight and my small mirror on the expanding stalk.
20 more futile minutes and I had to employ classic search and rescue techniques, I had to keep expanding my search area.

In the past my two worst/best lost items were; a bolt that had attached itself to the underside of my brand new magnetic parts dish. Second was a rear wheel spacer on an Oil head that dropped onto the ground as I pulled off the rear wheel. Little did I know, for hours, that it had rolled out of my garage down my driveway and made a hard left turn before reaching the sidewalk and took a long nap on my neighbor‘«÷s lawn.


At the one hour mark I missed my trusty garage maintenance companion, Sierra, my big beautiful and ultra-mellow Shepherd. Had she still been alive, at the 1 hour mark I would have noticed her get up from her favorite spot and slink out of the garage. She always knew before I did that I was about to lose it. She would know swear words were coming, and tools, non-fragile ones of course, might be forcible placed back on the lift or work bench‘«™..I‘«÷m soooo mature sometimes.

Success did come at last, when I gave up looking for the missing part. Instead, I decided to feel for it. Daymn, why did I not do that 2 hours before, I found it in a place I could not see even with my nifty neato findum mirror.

Thanks for "listening"