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Thread: IPAD & Iphone Access via Tapatalk ?

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    IPAD & Iphone Access via Tapatalk ?

    I don't stop by BMWMOA as much as I would like because I tend to use the Ipad and Iphone more than real computer these days

    I use a application on both devices, app is Tapatalk. It works great for every other forum that I frequent... except this one. And I just cant figure it out, and usually try for a bit then give up

    Today I am signed as me, on the computer. But using my IPAD get a error that I have entered an invalid username or password. But I can sign on just fine on the big computer

    Any ideas ? Thanks


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    Welcome to the forum! So, that's iPad and iPhone aren't real computers! That's what I've been waiting to hear!!

    There's a discussion about Tapatalk in this thread...I'm sure you'll find some help there.
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    IPAD & Iphone Access via Tapatalk ?

    Got it straighten out, not sure why but it all works now !

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