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Thread: Need Help with throttle assembly 07 R1200RT

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    Need Help with throttle assembly 07 R1200RT

    I have had to replace the throttle cable going to my right throttle body on my 2007 rt 1200. It hooks to a cable control box. There are a lot of ways to put that box together and I didn't get a good look at it before the spring flew out. Can someone send be a photo of how this is supposed to go back together? I need more detail than is in the parts fiche. Is there a procedure?
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    ADDED: Y'all can more or less ignore this post. I was describing an 1150 and later 1100 box. It appears from later posts that the box on the 1200s is changed quite a bit.

    I don't have a picture but can shed a little light. That spring is on a slider that connects to the "choke" (fast idle cable. That slider pushes against a cam face on the bottom of the bell crank wheel. So get that figured out first because it will only fit one way and dictates how the wheel goes in.

    Then key on the angle and position of each of the other attachement point on the box. Throttle cable goes on the hole on one edge (top or bottom) and the two cables to the throttle bodies attach at the other edge (top or bottom).

    p.s. This is from memory - so if it totally fails to make sense - ignore it.
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    Great - thanks - I'd kill for a good picture if anyone has one or want to rip theirs appart for a photo op

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    Are you sure the spring isn't from where the cable attaches to the throttle body?


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    THe spring Im talking about is #5 in this photo. I think there are 2 types. Mine (with 2 cams) and those with one cam. I think the one cam version is for bikes without cruise control.

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    Dear Stokesrl, (real name? We're friendly around here..)

    I've added the year and model to your thread title, and also expanded it to include what you were asking about. Please read:

    As you might imagine, having that info in the thread title might temp someone with direct experience on this to open it and perhaps help you. Please do this yourself in future posts to the tech forums. The better the info you give, the better the chance of a useful answer is.
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