Hi Guys,

I know my bike technically falls in the Airhead category but feel this model will be a Vintage bike in the future.

Bike is a '73 R50/5. Currently is painted Bronco Brown - a color used on later Airheads. Overall, the paint job is nice - although I'd never sought out a brown colored car or bike, the metallic brown is attractive. It has the double gold pin striping that looks original.

The tank, however, is in good shape but has more than a few deep scratches and nicks. So knowing that I'm going to get the tank repainted and plan to see the painter this week, my question is:

To keep the bike "period correct" should I have him repaint everything black with white pinstripes? If matching the paint wasn't so difficult, I'd have him just paint the tank - I've called around, including Holt BMW and have been directed to a website that lists the color code for Bronco Brown but two paint shops said they don't see a formula for it.

I know some of you will say, "it's your bike, paint it whatever color you want," but I'm interested in preserving the time period when the bike was made. Also, the tank is not a toaster tank and doesn't have the black rubber knee pads like some of these bikes do. If I decide to paint it black, do I need to pull off the headlight bucket and get that painted too? I'm leery of pulling all the wires out of the headlight and not putting it back correctly, as the bike currently runs nice.

I'd appreciate your input!