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Thread: Shark Evoline 3 ST - Anyone wearing it?

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    Shark Evoline 3 ST - Anyone wearing it?

    I see a bunch of folks talking about the Schuberth but that won't work for me. Seems like the design of this helmet would be popular among riders, especially those that take pictures or ride behind a screen that robs you of any air movement. Before I purchase one, I'm curious if anyone here has one and what your thoughts are. I currently have an Arai and could just as easily stick with that but I'm weighing options before making another helmet purchase.

    Shark Helmet Website

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    I know what you mean about the Schuberth. I really did want one of the new ones with the World graphics but they just do not fit my head which seems odd since my old C2 fit just fine.

    I have last years model of the Shark Evoline LumiTech with the Shartooth Bluetooth system and am quite satisfied. I do not ride with the chin bar flipped back very often, but it a great feature to have when you want the option.

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