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Thread: Pick up a bike in Idaho from PA, do riding out there

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    Pick up a bike in Idaho from PA, do riding out there, returne

    I bought a great bike in Idaho at a terrific price, now I want to go out and get it. BuT that can wait til spring...Thinkin that I taking my Jetta Diesel out with trailer for two, take someone and their bike out with me, Ride it out west, maybe leave it in Denver area for use later for the "top of the Rockies" and the MOA RALLY. taking the Jetta back with the trailer. Or do the same with my mini motor home that gets 17 per gal vs the Jetta 35. Many Ideas yet to be altered. Any one interested, in going, great adventure. I am retired and got time for extended tour. must be an experienced rider and tourer.

    Than, Maybe fly out and get the bike from Denver and do the rallies and ride her back.

    Plan is 100% flexible, Idea is to do Western riding 2 xs without all the flat land. If someone goes, split the fuel lodging. Think spring out, spring back, summer out again summer back. Camp, Motels, Motorhome

    Scranton to Idaho is 2400 miles

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    Take a combination of bus and train with only a rucksack for luggage. Meet interesting
    people and be free to ride without having to circle back to a parked car/rv. Enjoy.

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