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I apologize for the F.

I had the same problem in Lake Placid this fall. It had gone down to 35*f. I hit the starter as usual. After 3 or 4 tries, I turned the throttle and it fired right up. I then RE read the manual and sure as can be it said if its cold turn the throttle.

Zero problems starting in the cold since.l

This where we were. 2 R1200R and an 800GS. I could see whiteface from the hotel.


For the side stand thing it goes back to the airheads.

If you put the bike on the side stand and shut it off, there was still oil in the cylinder. It would smoke upon startup if left over night or longer.

After that I learned to shut the bike off, lean to the right so oil drains out of the left cylinder then park it as I pleased.

I think its still a habit.

I don't think there is anything wrong with your bike, or fuel. Just make more cold start attempts until you get to know it better


IN the picture, my R1200R is the one with the barn door windshield. That is not me in the pic, he owns the F800GS.
Apology accepted. The problem is I don't think starting a bike that's been stored at 55-60 F qualifies as ?˝cold start??.