I have put away my R1200 RT (2012) for the winter just three weeks ago. I have filled her up, added fuel stabiliser, and put her on the battery charger. Yesterday, I wanted to check some connections for my heating jacket, so I started the bike. Rather, I tried to start it. It wouldn't. The battery was absolutey topped, and it cranked all righ, but it took me about 10-15 minutes of cranking, shutting down, waiting, cranking again before the bike finally started to cough and spit and start wheezing and shaking away, with an awful sound. And I really had to hold the starter running a long time, otherwise the engine would choke and die. Then I had to wait a good 5 minutes before I could give it a little gas without the engine choking again.

This bike has 13,500 kms on the clock, and had its 10,00 kms (5,000 miles) service just a few weeks ago. And it always started instantly, and ran nice and smooth.

What do you make of that? Humidity? Bad fuel? Plugs? Only 3 weeks of storage.

Thank you.