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Thread: Higher MIleage k1600- do they exist?

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    37k Miles

    I have put 37K+ miles on my GTL in the 18 months I have had it. Few issues but have been resolved under warranty. None of which would have interupted a trip. Currently waiting on a Cam Shaft Sensor from the Fatherland which was causing the bike to run on a little rough @startup. No issues with engine, trany, or rear drive other then a faulty valve @16K. I knew buying a first production year model might have a few issues but BMW has been good at working to resplve. Would I but again - yes but would have been smarter to wait for the 2013 model.

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    Webb Benninghoven
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    We just traded for one with mid 20's mileage. He traded an RT for it, then traded this one for a new 13 with the running changes...the new grab bars, the "eyebrow" driving lights, and new display. People seems surprised that it has that much mileage but that's about the same miles I have on my RT that I bought new last year.

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