I posted a question in "Gear" and about 90 folks have looked at it without an answer. Jeeze- I can't believe I stumped the experts who lurk there. I'm going to ask the same question here thinking there may be a different group of experts.
I am in AZ (winter is summer here!) and away from my "new" R1100R which is in NH enduring the cold in my garage. All my camping gear is here and I want to put together a kit to camp out of the system cases. As backpackers get everything into a 50 liter pack I reasoned I could get all I need into the two system cases which hold 56 liters total and not bungee on a bunch of stuff. I think it can be done. Here is the problem. Some objects are too long for the cases.
What is the length that will go? I think I've found a chair that will, but no tent with poles short enough. I can get some extra poles and make a set with more but shorter segments. How long?
Would someone with a system case handy measure it and let me know what will fit?