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Thread: 1994 RSL, Fuel Pump Failure

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    1994 RSL, Fuel Pump Failure

    Going down the interstate the other day and my bike just quit. My fuel pump doesn't seem to be working. I don't hear it wind up anymore when I turn the key. What are some things to look at? I've wondered about the relay. How do you test one of those?

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    Check the fuse
    Check the connector to the fuel tank.
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    In order for the fuel pump to come on (and assuming for a minute that the pump is good), you need the following:

    Key on
    Kill SW centered,
    Sidestand up
    Fuse 5 good
    Fuse 6 good
    Fuel pump relay good
    Motronic relay good
    Fuel tank electrical connector seated

    So I would check the fuses and connector, maybe reseat the relays. Then if no-go,

    Does the engine turn over, if yes, the kill and sidestand switches are okay and the relays are most likely getting power.

    Then you could swap the Load Relief and Fuel pump relays if reseating them didn't do any good.

    You could also try putting a jumper in place of the fuel pump relay to see if the pump comes on, but I don't know which pins off hand.


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    The wind up sound is the ABS, not the fuel pump. Fuel pump is more of a constant hiss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pffog View Post
    The wind up sound is the ABS, not the fuel pump. Fuel pump is more of a constant hiss.
    No, the original poster says it correctly. When all electrical connections are working (sidestand up, kill switch in run position), the fuel pump will cycle on for about 1-2 seconds then shut off - when the key is turned to the run position. ABS winds up only after you start rolling.

    If RID is lit up then I would swap fuel pump relay with horn relay. There are four identical relays in the box.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I took the tank off and removed the fuel pump assembly today. I was hoping I would see something physically wrong but no such luck. I inspected the fuses and they looked and tested fine. I made sure the relays were all fully set in place. I never got to move them. I checked the kill switch to make sure it was centered. Finally I connected the wiring for the full pump. I let the pump assembly rest on the right cylinder. Naturally when I turned the key one position the pump hissed for about 2 seconds like suggested. I tried several times and it did it each time for 2 seconds then quit. So now I'm not sure what was happening or wrong. I suppose I will buy some quick disconnects and reassemble the bike. Then I will see if it starts.

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    That two second run time of the pump when you turn the key is exactly what it is supposed to do. It is pressurizing the fuel rail and will not come on again until the Hall Effect Sensors are actuated by the revolution of the motor by hitting the starter button.

    You may have had a bad connection under the tank and after removing and replacing it now it works again. I would inspect the contacts of the connectors and clean them as best you can with contact cleaner. Then put some dialectric grease on them before you plug it back in again to stop surface corrosion.
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