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Thread: Old fashioned tire gauge quetion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldnslow View Post
    The old type tire gauge; the kind that the rod slides out of the end; do they wear out? How come some slide very easily and others have alot of resistance? If I were to lubricate the slide, would it cause false readings? Silly questions to which I need to know the answer.
    I never had one apart, but I remember reading that they operate with an expanding rubber bladder that presses against the rod. More pressure, rubber expands more, rod moves out more. For that reason, I would not use a lubricant that could affect the rubber.

    Spend some coin and get a quality gauge.

    I bought a Longacre 50356, 0-60 psi with angle chuck. Not cheap, not a toy and not a single regret. For starters, when I press that chuck on, it seats!...without the usual hissing sound of escaping air. It can be user calibrated and the 9V battery is user replaceable. Accurate to 0.3% or 0.2 psi at full scale.
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