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My first post so pls bear with me, this may sound kind of basic to seasoned BMW riders...This past August I bought a 2012 R1200RT after almost 30 years since selling my last bike, a Honda 750 Sabre. I love the RT and feel pretty comfortable with it to this point but recognize the need to go back thru a riding class to renew some lost skills (had a class scheduled but had to cancel due to business travel. Rescheduled for mid-January). This question is about the best practice for the bike's brake system. They are impressive to say the least, but the technical and anecdotal stuff I've read about the partially integrated ABS system seems contradictory at times. I have always been a proponent of lots of front brake and judicious use of rear brake during both routine and "aggressive" braking. But if I read the technical info correctly, on the RT you get maximized front and rear braking using only the front brake lever. In fact I've noticed at times that when I initiate braking with the front lever and then get on the rear pedal, the pedal seems to pulse as though the ABS is kicking in. I'm curious what techniques you all use.
On my 2010 RT, I use the rear brake alone mainly during slow speed maneuvering, on loose surfaces, or to keep from rolling when stopped. When stopping, for smoothness, I apply more rear brake than BMW programmed in, during the last few MPH of slowing.

In twisties or during aggressive braking, I rely on the front lever alone, to give me optimum proportional braking. They've never let me down. They are without a doubt the best brakes on any motorcycle I've ridden. I keep off the rear when riding aggressively in corners, since I really don't want a locked up rear tire steering me off the road.

However - I ride several bikes, with different break configurations, so I practice coordinated braking often. BTW, I really disliked the R1150RT fully integrated brakes for anything except straight stops on pavement.