After a month of weekends and a few weekday evenings the GSA sidecar rig is clean, the wiring inspected and in some cases rerouted or protected by wire loom, the Krista lights installed where the OEM fogs used to be, a new tire on the rear, and a tool tube installed inboard of the right pannier. The sidecar has been cleaned of a year's worth of road grime, the finish polished then five coats of carnauba wax applied (during riding season all it gets is an occasional hosing to get the clumps of mud off). Next weekend I'll start installing Barley's new ragtop. After that I'll tear down the GS and clean, inspect and wax it. When that one is back together there are boxes of maps to pour over, dreams of next year's rides to ponder.

With luck, winter will end before I run out of things to do.