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    1990 k1

    Picked up my 1990 K1 Friday from the bone yard and got it home
    Before I put it in the garage to take it all apart I took some photos to post
    8000 miles been in a garage for over 10 years. came with new fuel pump
    brake pads , front and rear master cylinders , front brake calipers old ones frozen up.
    battery, and fuel filter.
    Things I see right away to do before I take it apart.

    1 clean out gas tank and replace all fuel lines
    2 send out injectors to get cleaned and tested , were do I send them anyone know?
    3 New brake lines stainless steel I hope , again were and who do I get them from?
    4 Rebuild front forks seal on one leaks other will some follow , and new oil
    5 replace all rubber parts from intake and around fuel rail
    6 tires look brand new but they have to be hard as a rock ,what and where is a date code on tires?
    7 wash off years and years of dirt, wheels and body parts and paint as a whole look good.

    So here it is any help or other pointers I would like to hear about them
    Thanks Ernie
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