I am very well trained in mechanics, but I also dread any electrical/electronic issues.

I used to own 2 BMW's years ago, a 1968/2 500cc & a 1975/6 900cc. Rebuilt both engines (just top end on 900) and both ran great. I sold them both about 20 years ago when I had several small children - didn't want them to grow up without a dad.

Well...now they are all grown up, and the last one, the only one with any mechanical ability just purchased a used K100, so I decided to purchase another boxer.

I recently purchased, but have not ridden yet, a 1978 R100/7. It is cold here in Ohio, but when I tried to start it, it turned over but it wouldn't start, but it did a lot of "clicking" similar to when a battery is low. From the previous owner, he said the clicking was there (he told me before I purchased) but that it didn't affect the starting. Once the engine turned over, it started.

However, the clicking bothers me. Is it just the battery? It has a "Battery minder" on it and presumably working - I've had it plugged in now for 3 days. Should I purchase a small charger and try that first?

Is it the solenoid? And even if not, how hard is it to rebuild one of those? Finally, could it be worth the time now (as I won't be riding for the next few months during winter) to go ahead and pull the starter motor and solenoid and rebuild them both?

Any pointers, instructions, videos that you might know of to help?

BTW, there are no really reliable "old-school" BMW dealers nearby to get good advice!

I recently re-joined the BMWMOA last week just to keep up. Now, that my kids are all grown up, and I have one who also has a BMW, I hope to do some enjoyment riding and maybe even make some of the BMW meets. I love the Civil War history (Southern perspective) and may try hard to make the Gettysburg meet in April.

Just an FYI, the previous owner told me the clicking has been around for some time, but he was never bothered by it, because the bike always started.

Thanks ahead of time for any help you might give.

Jim C.
jlcampbell1@juno.com - Be sure to put "BMW" in the subject line as I never open emails when I don't know their source.