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I see the BT option for reading fault codes on the road or in an emergency as being the main use. Like I said earlier the fellow we were with had his fault codes read, trouble diagnosed and fixed, and back up and running in a few minutes and all he had to do was pull out his phone and the 911

Totally agree if it were me doing maintenance in the shop the notebook is the only way to go.

Most folks travel with a phone and a netbook of some sort. Should note that none of it works with Apple ipads or iphones. Not sure about an apple laptop but very much doubt it. To me for the extra $50 I think the BT version is well worth it.
Yes, re Apple Laptops: The only way to use my MacBook Pro is using PC emulation which many people do have in place so is technically possible while not strictly iOS. Nope no Apple Apps for iPhone or iPad variants.