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Thanks for the comments....Great ideas!

Have been busy with work, but as soon as I get a chance, I will look for a "rear-view camera". If that does not work, I'll try the Jetting Barbells.

Took me a while, but finally got around searching for a solution. Did not find a rear view camera, then ran across SAENG ?Quick-Scans? bar-end mirrors ( https://www.saeng.com/home.php ) . The mirrors are light weight and they look good on the scooter. The pictures speak for themselves?.

Bar End HB1.jpg

Bar End HB2.jpg

Chuck at SAENG figured out how to fit these mirrors to the BMW scooter and I had no problem with the installation, I just followed the instructions he had given me.

Very customer oriented gentleman. He could not have been more helpful.

Got used to the mirrors quickly, the objects are closer than they look in the mirror, but the angle of vision is very wide; NO MORE BLIND SPOT.