Hello all, I am introducing myself to the forum. My background is in Cabinetmaking and Sailing. I have owned a few bikes over the years, Goldwing, XS650 Cbs 550, 360, 350/4 etc
My bike is an '85 K100RS Alaskan Blue with 13,000 miles. I just picked it up and it is being checked over as I am writing this. I am also a member of the K100 forum and I am looking forward to meeting other local riders to tag along with, from time to time. My wife and I do alot of sailboat racing on weekends (Kenosha Yacht Club) during the summer but we also want to get some rides in. Looking forward to hearing from some fellow brick owners and/or any local folks.

UJ (Uncle Jim, my sailing students gave me that knickname)flying brick.jpg