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Thread: Highway Pegs ?

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    single spark heads

    Quote Originally Posted by Rpbump View Post
    I had the ELF pegs installed at the International Rally in Gray, TN on my CLC. On long rides the pegs allow me to move and relax my legs. I'm glad that I bought them. RIDE SAFE
    Think twice about ELF pegs, the manufacturer states in their installation instructions [for show use only], I have a pair and they are not very sturdy. 2000RT

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    Ilium Works Highway Pegs mounted on ZTechnik‘«÷s Engine Guards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardno7 View Post
    Ilium Works Highway Pegs mounted on ZTechnik‘«÷s Engine Guards.
    +1 on the Ztechnik engine guards. I don't have foot pegs (don't want or need them) but if I did I would put them on my Ztechnik engine guards and not on or near the valve cover bolts. They were not designed for this as has been discussed in previous threads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsoque View Post
    What are you using our there for highway pegs?

    Elf Pegs are out there for the twin spark oil head:

    Any opinions out there from the long riders?

    I inherited some ELF pegs on my 1998 R1100R. I find them to be well made, and they are cool. However, I do not like the geometry. I do not need to move my legs to the highway pegs on long rides. Just not the way I am wired up. To tell you the truth, the air catches my groin when I am on those pegs, and it is just not all that comfortable.

    I took them off and am looking to sell them. I need the plastic covers to cover the wires. They won't fit your bike, though.


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    Oh My God...

    Now these are sexchzy!!!

    Who's going to the NYC Javits Show this weekend with me ??
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    Consider floor boards. I find them more comfortable. Jon

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    ELF pegs

    I love the ELF pegs on my RT. Keep in mind you're not keeping your feet on the pegs all day long - you'll have to brake and shift at some point! I use 'em for a few minutes at a time while highway cruising. All it takes is a few minutes in the extended position and my legs feel refreshed once in the usual riding position.

    I wish there was a similar product for my '12 GSA.
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    I agree with the impersonator...nice short break in position!

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    Another positive vote here for the Elf Pegs............and......they keep the bikes lines looking clean
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