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Mine just died at ~30,200 miles. Dealer has bike. He mentioned the unit from Rick's as an option (I asked about aftermarket) but expressed concerns that the magnets might no longer be good in my bike, and there would be no way to diagnose until after installation on the bike.
Is that accurate that the magnets can not be field tested? (I know so little about electrics, I don't even know where/which magnets he's talking about- in the rotor?) Is a magnet failure a likely associated problem, or is that something I don't need to worry about? Right now, looking at about $1100 to replace with new unit, or maybe $450 to replace with Rick's kit.
I will be calling BMW Service later this morning; hopefully they will give me some coverage on my out-of-warranty bike, for this too common problem.
I have not heard of the magnets going bad. I hear that the new rotor from BMW has ventilation built in to help it run cooler. My stater cover runs about 50 degree hotter than the rest of the engine. Mine failed at 52,000.
Still OK at 80,000.