A friendly contest to encourage touring our great state. To run from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013.


Travel by your personal BMW motorcycle to as many lighthouses as you can during the year and take a digital picture of your bike with the Florida lighthouse in the foreground or background. The lighthouse must be from the list provided by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society,http://wlol.arlhs.com/index.php?mode=search&sc=FL , and be classified as either operational or historic, and the bike must have been ridden or pushed to its pictured position. No credit may be taken for pictures taken with the bike on a boat, or with such a small or poor quality image as to make the image (bike or lighthouse) unrecognizable. Neither shall credit be taken for post-processed entries. Upon obtaining web access, each picture must be posted in this thread individually, titled with the lighthouse name, 2013 date taken, and credit for the photographer, with an incremented tally number for each of his/her photos. Example: Key West Lighthouse, 3/17/2013, by cberry, contest #12. Credit may be taken twice for pictures of the same lighthouse with and without full scaffolding, as would be the case during significant maintenance or painting, if both configurations occur within the contest year. Husband and wife teams would be treated as one entry. Pictures by one individual who owns and photographs more than one of his bikes at the same lighthouse should identify them as: contest #12A, #12B, #12C, etc., thereby keeping his contest standing current and uninflated.

For those who are artists and would like to modify their images, Knock yourself out. Identify such images as: art #12, to key it with the unmodified contest image so that we can all see and appreciate the changes.

There will be no ‘«£Winners‘«ō or ‘«£Losers‘«ō, just participants. Your contest number will be an indicator of how much fun you had while traveling our state. Knowing of my interest in proposing this contest, my wife gave me 2 books and a map of the lighthouses for Christmas. Very interesting reading. Turns out, there are roughly 30 lighthouses in the state, but several of them are off shore and unlikely to meet contest guidelines.

I hope I made myself clear, but, if not, I‘«÷m sure you will help ‘«ˇfix‘«÷ me.

Giv‘«÷er, eh?