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Thread: Great Memories of 2012

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    Great Memories of 2012

    2012 proved to be a great year to escape the woes of a weary world by hopping on the bike and heading out somewhere.

    I took a few pictures along the way and have posted them at:

    Interesting (well, at least to me) that the more I ride, the more I find myself photographing stuff other than the bike(s). You know scenery, old buildings, stuff...

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pix and I hope to see you on the road in 2013.

    (PS: This post doesn't seem to like Internet Explorer. I've got my IT guy scratching his head about this. He recommends Firefox or Safari.)

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    Great photo work!!
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    What a beautiful way to share your views of 2012.

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    It is always interesting that many of the BMW riders that I know, or know of, are blessed with multiple talents. Somehow BMW riders are voracious readers of all types of writing. Then to throw in your photographic talents is like a hat trick!

    I've visited your site often as a lurker and sitting here in sub freezing winter in Southern Illinois with snow on the ground, it does my soul good to retrace your journeys in some of the most beautiful country in the US. Being blessed with many different climates within such a short distance all connected with some of the best riding anywhere is something that we who live in flyover country only dream about.

    Thanks for the work it takes to allow us to see a glimpse of things that we may otherwise never have the opportunity to experience.
    Ride Well

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    Nicely done! Thank you for sharing; looking forward to more in 2013.

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