I'd heard that Gerbing had good customer service, so I'm especially surprised and frustrated with my current experience with them. I had a controller that died on me. I thought it might be under warranty, so I emailed them to inquire. No response. Emailed again and still no response. So I called them and after waiting on hold for quite a while, I spoke with someone who was helpful. She verified my controller was under warranty and gave me an RMA number. I mentioned the unanswered emails and she apologized and said they are busy. (Maybe less busy taking calls if they answered email?)

Anyway, I mailed the controller to Olympia the next day (from Seattle). That was over a month ago and I've heard nothing from them. I was really expecting them to drop a replacement unit in the mail to me right away, especially given that it's winter riding season. I've recently sent a couple more emails and even left voice messages to inquire about the status (all unanswered). This morning I tried calling again and have been listening to hold music for 25 min and getting ready to hang up.

Meanwhile - still unable to to ride to work on those chilly mornings. Any similar experiences or suggestions on how to get a response from them??