The picture at the top of this article shows what we're talking about:
The 1100s and some very early 1150s came with Allens, later ones use Torx.
Those that use Torx still have 3 mm Allens at the rear-most body panel attachments points; these are just quarter-turn Dzus-type fasteners. (Wish we could put those everywhere else too!) And if you want to remove an RT glovebox, you'll still need a 3 mm Allen driver for the bottom-most inner screw (under the tank, near the air snorkel intake).
The parts fiches that we see on-line from places like A&S and Max's are not the latest greatest updates from the Factory - if you go to the Authorized Dealer's parts counter, you may need to specify exactly which version you want. It was easy to get used to the Torx, and now I prefer them over the Allens.