I have sent numerous emails to the MOA asking about the flea market....no response...they've totally screwed that up..it's down more than it's up...never "paid" for a membership in anything you can't get any response from...i will be calling Ray Zimmerman an explaining why i am leaving this "club"...an why i expect a full return of this past years dues...this "organizationb" has declined greatly over the years until it has become the "joke" it has become...different group of people now days..not BMW riders..whiners an complainers..jerks like these "moderators" who let people get on here an basically "extort" what they want out you.. the moderators will let them lie all they want about you...i personally have lost over 1k this year..the major lick was a guy in Florida who..with the help of these "moderators"..was able to lie enough on here to extort the money an my part..thanks Mr. Blue CLC...the MOA is now a pathetic joke.