On the road yesterday from Memphis (32F and snow/rain mix, no salt on the roadway) to Jackson (37F), MS., I noticed my moto was beginning to act like a waverunner, bobbing up and down going down the road. Later I realized the rear shock was leaking and lost all oil. Today I rode from Jackson (36F) to BMW Motorcycles of Baton Rouge (54F and sunny ) and they have a replacement shock being FedEx'd and will replace it tomorrow.

I was running with the ESA set to 1 rider with baggage. Total weight of passenger and baggage ~430lbs. I had my moto in storage (locked and secured) for a month prior to departing from Memphis. There are approx 38,000 miles currently on the odometer.

A couple of questions:

  1. Could the weather be a contributing factor of the failure?
  2. Is there a recommendation of a replacement shock other than BMW parts?
  3. Is anyone familiar with frequency of a failure such as this? Nothing came up in searching the forum (recently anyway) and at the shop they haven't seen many failures.
  4. Any recommendations/comments?

Since I am heading to mexico and Central America for 3 month road trip, I am fortunate this happened reasonably close to a BMW dealer rather than the middle of some remote area in CA.

Hats off to BMW Motorcycles of Baton Rouge. I had emailed the evening before from Jackson and Jim was expecting me and even greeted me by name when I walked in (also discount on parts and shipping). Looking up my VIN, there is another recall on a brake line I had a recall on before, so they will also take care of that. Also there were 2 other people in the store who had noticed me riding down the road, they mentioned to me how they had commented to each other on how low my GS was riding.


Thanks for your comments,