If your first bad set was on that 2011 RT you either got poorly made bulbs or somehow they didn't get aligned in the holder properly.

The key to getting an HID to work decently is for its hot gas spot be in precisely the same spot as the filament of the mounted H-7 bulbs that are stock. The H-7 bulb has a short and compact filament and the hot gas volume of an HID capsule can be a good deal larger. Either the larger size or position change can change beam pattern.

Not sure what brands to tell you but because none of the H-7 to HID bulb conversions come from the big names in lighting and aren't standardized dimensions in the way the DOT or euro approved stuff is, some variability between brands is to be expected. Also, there is in general a fair amount of very poor lighting of all types coming out of Asia from crappy halogen bulbs to poorly designed HID ballasts. Its always "buyer beware" if you buy Asian sourced lighting. On average the Japanese stuff is a bit better but they go in for the "110W fro a 55W bulb" kind of crap big time so you always need to be wary of deceptive claims,