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Thread: Possible Future Entertainment

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    Possible Future Entertainment

    Not knowing where else to post this or whom to actually contact -

    Last night (5/14/2013), I walked over to my local Guitar Center to meet and hear Vicki Genfan for the first time. (And yes, part of the show was to showcase the new Luna guitars line.)
    She's a superb player of many styles; she made her 6-string sound like dueling 12-stringers!
    The (quite INformal) get-together was totally enjoyable.
    She's not terribly famous yet, so she might do a gig like ours for a reasonable price...

    Check her out at (took a while to load on my PC); there are also free music, tablature, & sheet music downloads there.

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    BMW MOA Entertainment

    Thanks so much for the tip. We will give her a listen . You never know who will be putting next year together!

    Thanks again,

    Lee Harrelson
    Entertainment Chair 2013

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