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Thread: Where's the best burger joint you've run across?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARGENT BRICK View Post
    Nation's is more money, but it is a much better burger than In-n-Out.

    My wife and I were recently at In-n-Out , and she just had her first "Animal Style" burger.

    So, are you going to tell us the Nation's story?
    Sorry, I have serious case of "CRS", and to make it worse, that story was in one of my previous lives. Please don't ask me what I had for dinner last night! The only reason I remembered meeting the guy, was that the name of the business triggered something way back there in the hinterland.

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    best burgers

    Grin's in San Marcos Tx. Big juicy burgers, great fries and cold cold beer. The ice tea is good too. In Oregon, any place has great burgers, they even know the name of the cow you are eating.

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    Best Burgers GPX File

    Hey Folks, from the thread thus far, about 30 great burger part of a BaseCamp project, I created a file for those places thus far...

    Sorry, I didn't do the ones that where Chain or Multi locations, due to lack of location or data...and couple for lack of data to confirm,

    For future lists... a good Name and Address would be very good...I will build the list at times and update...

    so attaching this GPX file for your use...and happy eating!

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    Best burger joint

    Hamburger heaven in new Westminster b.c.
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