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Thread: 1998 R1100R system case size? Help!

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    R1100R system case size? Help!

    I am away from home which is NH and am about to buy a tent and some other camping equipment I'll need to fit into the system cases later on my bike. The problem is I need to know the maximum length a straight item will fit in the side cases. I'm thinking of ten- 1/4 inch tent poles bungeed together. All they have to do is fit for length and allow the bag to close. I'll pack stuff all around them. Anyone have these cases handy who could open one and give me a measurement? Both cases should be the same (I have one narrow and one wide one-high muffler.) I am guessing 19 inches? Thanks.

    Update: I have searched the forums and advrider etc and this question has been asked before but no answer has ever been given as far as I can tell. I guess those of us who have asked this question have you all stumped. I have to be in Phoenix next week so I'll stop at Victory BMW and look for a case like mine and take my ruler.
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