The first and last time I changed the air filter on this bike, I also changed the fuel filter and anti freeze. Changing the anti freeze requires taking the tank off, which is why I didn't have any trouble getting the air filter out.

I tried to get the air filter out of the air filter case today, but the upper part of the case will not lift high enough to pull the filter out. The owners manual says to release the three spring clips and lift the upper case to pull the filter out, the Haynes manual says to remove the tank.

Has anyone come up with a way to get the filter out without removing the tank?

My second question concerns whether leaving the "Choke" lever fully open for a month would have an effect on the bike now not starting? About 5 weeks ago, I changed the oil and ran the engine for a few minuets afterward. Between having surgery and bad weather, I just today tried to start it, this is the first time it has ever failed to very quickly start for me. Would having the "Choke" lever open for the last
five weeks cause either flooding or allowing all the fuel in the injection system to evaporate? If this wouldn't having any effect on the bike not starting, I will check the fuel pump and plugs.

Thanks for any suggestions.