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Thread: Special Edition Bikes

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    The "Last Edition" Airheads were 1984s but in 1983 there was the "60th Anniversary" R100RT in pearl white with red and silver pinstripes.

    So, given that the first BMW motorcycle appeared in 1923, years ending in 3 will likely show some sort of "anniversary" model.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mneblett View Post
    The R100CS, R100RS and R100RT were available in 1984 with the white paint/Last Edition graphics.

    p.s. Remember how ticked-off the "Last Edition" owners were when the R100 came back to the US in 1988? A lot of unhappy folks feeling that their "collector" R100's "premium value" was whacked by the Mothership.

    p.p.s. Note the white CS above is missing its white battery cover with the "Last Edition" sticker.
    Didn't BMW NA offer the owners of the "First" "last Edition" bikes a BMW helmet in an attempt to appease them?

    I also seem to recall the 88 1/2 K100RS with ABS (first ABS bike) also has an SE after the model along the edge of the fairing. I remember watching the wet skid pad demonstration at Daytona bike week when they had the standard RS outfitted with outriggers, pretty impressive.
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    nosure about the K100, but there were one or more K1100RS years with the SE designation. 1996 came in black/silver, and carried the SE label. As usual, just some graphics changes.
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    My '94 K1100LT was an SE model. The difference was color (a dark blue that otherwise wasn't available that year), lining for the rear trunk, and a different (nicer, IMHO) face for the speedo. There was a bit of text saying that this was bike n of m (forget the actual numbers) near the pin striping on the fairing.

    I bought the SE because it was on the showroom floor and I liked the color.

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