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    I dig these vBulletin forums- Cheers!

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    Re: Sweet Forum

    Originally posted by AmonTobin
    I dig these vBulletin forums- Cheers!
    We're glad you like it! We've been chomping at the bit to get it out to the , but needed to wrap up a few items before we could put it up.

    We're excited and pleased to offer an opportunity for MOA members to talk about, plan for and share their rally experiences. While I'm at the rally, I'll have my digital camera and my laptop. I'll be posting pictures from the rally right up to my smugmug album and providing links here. If you want to show the folks at home, work or whereever what's going on, this will be a great way to do it.

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    You guy have any plans to set up bike-specific or regional forums?

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    We have many exciting plans for the future of not only this forum but the BMWMOA website as well.

    This forum went live yesterday and our intention is to let things get ramped up for a bit then add forums to suit demand.
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