Guess I'm glad I got it done early in my career. It's been 6 months since I took the CHP course and got my license. 2000 miles on a Suzuki SV before moving on to my R1200RT which I've since put 5000 miles on (mostly commuting).

One groggy morning at 06:00 when I rolled in to work I decided to not get the side stand all the way forward before making my graceful dismount that left my bike on its side and me in the parking lot. At the time, I had a lot of excuses (one was excessive front brake drag combined with my ESA being stuck in the two up with luggage setting which combined to make it impossible for me to back the bike up while on it - hence the putting the side stand down to climb off, back into into a parking spot and put it up on the center stand). I was also fairly groggy that morning, so I had to add a routine of always checking the side stand before starting to get off to my habits.

My bike was mostly fine, other than the left mirror housing popping off and having a little crack (very inexpensive part to replace thankfully).

Now I have it firmly ingrained to not only push the side stand out, but to double check it afterwards with a little forward push of my foot and usually a visual check before letting the bike lean over at all. Now that I can walk the bike back while on it and it sits a half inch lower (thanks to fixing the aforementioned problems), I feel much more comfortable with the daily routine.

I still have my scratches on the cylinder head guard and left side case to remind me (though thankfully it was on my city lids and not the stock cover).