Picked up some Stabil yesterday and hopped on the R1200RT to cruise down to 7-11 to top off the tank before I plugged in the tender for the cold snap we're headed into this week. As I cruised up to the pump, stopped, flipped the side stand down, and leaned the bike left, I realized, oops, the side stand wasn't down. She leaned past that sickening point of no return and down she went, ride there in front of a bunch of witnesses. No sure what hurts most, the scratch on my side case or my pride. I've ridden this bike 24K miles in the last 8 months thru roads like Beartooth Pass, Independence Pass, Pike's Peak, and other twisties. As they say, its not a a matter of if, but when you're gonna drop it. I think I'll just leave the side case as is to remind myself how stupid I can be. You can bet I'll be double checking the side stand is down from now on.

On a side note, this is my first year on the forum and I've really enjoyed reading the posts and have a learned a lot from everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.